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Diana stands as a distinguished figure within the realm of North Georgia's real estate, leveraging her rich background in the construction industry, where she crafted potent marketing presentations to secure multi-million-dollar contracts.

After a decade-long tenure in this field, the breadth of skills Diana has accumulated continues to provide unparalleled advantages to her clients. Whether it's gaining the upper hand in competitive multi-offer situations, devising strategic marketing plans to expedite home sales while maximizing returns, or providing the highest level of representation and guidance, Diana's expertise translates into tangible results in achieving real estate goals.

An advocate of a client-centric approach, Diana injects fresh energy into her professional dealings, as attested by the glowing testimonials penned by her past clients. Each individual she has represented has left a review and is open to discussing their positive experiences with potential clients considering entrusting their journey to Diana and The Martis Team.

Rooted in Diana's professional ethos is the belief that the essence of a stellar realtor lies in fostering great relationships. This perspective is well-appreciated, enabling her to build lasting connections with her clients. Her unwavering determination to deliver personalized experiences, tailored to clients' unique needs, combined with superior representation, is a testament to her commitment to ensuring every client's real estate aspirations are realized.




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Chris champions a 'client-first' philosophy, meticulously focusing his attention on each individual he serves, fostering the sense that they are his sole priority. He recognizes the magnitude of real estate transactions in people's lives, being often the most significant financial undertaking they undertake. As such, Chris is driven to ensure that each client's journey is not just successful, but also a memorable experience.

Leveraging his background in construction, Chris offers an invaluable asset to his clients. He possesses the keen ability to scrutinize a home for potential issues that might escape an untrained eye, saving his clients from unforeseen costs and helping them make more informed decisions. Before any offer is made, Chris can identify elements that could impact inspection costs, a knowledge that can directly result in substantial savings.

For sellers, Chris' expertise provides a unique advantage. He can suggest cost-effective improvements that can substantially enhance the value of their property without overstretching their budget. In this way, Chris' experience in construction adds an extra dimension to his real estate services, equipping clients with an informed perspective as they navigate the real estate market.



Client Services & Home Search Specialist

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James DePinto is a dedicated Client Services Specialist at The Martis Team, a thriving family business led by his mother, Diana Servedio. With his exceptional focus on client satisfaction, James plays a crucial role in ensuring that clients receive exceptional service and support throughout their real estate journey.

As a skilled inside sales agent, James excels at building strong relationships with clients and understanding their unique needs. He goes above and beyond to provide valuable guidance and support, helping clients make informed decisions while navigating the real estate market.

James's commitment to delivering outstanding customer service extends to his role as a transaction coordinator. With meticulous attention to detail, he manages paperwork, timelines, and communication channels to ensure smooth and efficient transactions for clients. His proactive approach and dedication to clear communication contribute to a positive and stress-free experience for all involved parties.

Currently working towards earning his real estate license, James is continually expanding his knowledge and expertise in the industry. His passion for real estate and commitment to professional development enable him to provide clients with comprehensive insights and reliable guidance.

As an integral part of The Martis Team, James's dedication to exceptional client services is unwavering. His friendly demeanor, strong communication skills, and genuine care for clients contribute to the team's reputation for providing personalized and top-quality service.

With his focus on client satisfaction and his commitment to delivering exceptional service, James DePinto is a valuable asset to The Martis Team. His dedication to making the real estate process seamless and enjoyable for clients reinforces the family's legacy of excellence in the industry.